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About Farmkonnect!

FarmKonnect Agribusiness Nigeria Limited is an agribusiness company whose business is to connect stakeholders in the agricultural sector. The company seeks to enhance farming conditions and outputs of farmers by providing innovative services with a view to facilitating better operational conditions, equipment as well as an effective distribution of the farm produce. It is believed that more investments in the agricultural sector will result in better food security which will in turn help in reducing crime and illegalities in the country.

Our Vision


Our vision is to become the leading company in modern agribusiness by contributing effectively to the enhancement of production, processing and distribution of agricultural produce in Nigeria and Africa at Large.

Our Mission

Innovative Services

To Contribute immensely to food security and successful agribusiness by providing innovative pace setting services to small and medium scale farmers.

Our Business

Connecting Stakeholders

Our business is to connect stakeholders in agriculture/agribusiness through innovative services.


     The history of FarmKonnect started as far back as 1994 where a young man was serving as apprentice in a small aquaculture farm in Mokola GRA Ibadan, Nigeria. The experience of the young man developed into undying passion for aquaculture which eventually spilled over to other areas of agriculture. Starting with a single fish pond at the place of apprenticeship, the business began to grow gradually until it became what it is today with a vision to becoming a relevant force in Nigeria’s agricultural industry.

  As FarmKonnect began to transform from a small hobby-business into a company, it began to review its business philosophies. With due considerations to the specific business condition in Nigeria’s Agricultural sector, it was clearly unveiled that there is a huge gap among the stakeholders in the agricultural sector. It was further unveiled that despite the fact that Africa own 60 percent of the world’s arable farmland, with 67% youth population as well as 60 percent population employed in agriculture, the effect of agriculture in Africa’s revenue is not as huge as it should be. Therefore FarmKonnect started out with the view to connecting the stakeholders in agriculture.


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Integrity – Integrity is like a ball, it maintains perspectives in all angles of view. We must reflect this in all our businesses.

Competence – Modern agriculture demands practicing in accordance with global standard, anything less will fail.

Simplicity   – Keep things really simple. Experience the complexity, so our clients can enjoy simplicity.

Equity – People should be commensurately rewarded for their efforts and investments.

  • We do not need more farmers, we need smarter farmers.
  • Farmers should collaborate rather than compete.
  • We need to inculcate the culture of Agriculture, Agriculture is a character, you either build it or you lose out.
  • Do it Really Big! Agriculture stings; mediocrity is a killer!
  • Produce what they don’t, sell what they produce.
  • The future of African Agriculture is in the hands of the youths and women, if we do not do it, we will soon be slaves on our own land doing it for someone else.

Agriculture is Peace – We believe that without food security, National stability will remain a dream.


At FarmKonnect, the stakeholders are categorized into four groups, the people with money who may desire to invest in agriculture, the actual farmers who engage in farming activities, the people providing inputs and extension services and the consumers of the Farm produce. The gaps among these players are so huge that Nigeria suffers immensely from low yield, and deglamourized Agriculture due to ineffective cohesion among agricultural stakeholders, which consequently results food insecurity in the Country. Therefore, FarmKonnect strives to mitigate food insecurity as well as food losses by providing services that will enhance the farming conditions of African farmers, either directly or in partnership with other agro allied companies.

We engage in massive projects through investor funding, we accept finance from our shareholders, investors, and crowd funders. We then apply the funding to different agricultural projects with the view to making profits for the investors and FarmKonnect. We have our projects and in some verifiable situations, we may partner with third party agricultural, agribusiness or agro-allied companies to ensure the success and profitability of our projects and investments. We also engage in commodity trading on behalf of farmers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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FarmKonnect Agribusiness Nigeria Limited is an agribusiness company whose business is to connect stakeholders in the agricultural sector. The company seeks to enhance farming conditions.


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