Does my investment make me a shareholder in FarmKonnect?

No, Your investments does not make you a shareholder in FarmKonnect. If you want to be a shareholder in FarmKonnect, you will need to contact the directors in order to discuss the modalities of becoming a share holder.

How did FarmKonnect Start?

FarmKonnect started as a hobby, which later graduated into a project under Naffins Investments Limited. As the project began to expand, FarmKonnect was carved out as a separate entity from Naffins, with a view to contributing to food security, in Nigeria and globally.

Are there hidden charges for your web services?

At Basic level, it is free to use our Farm Management, Market place, forum, and the likes. please note however that if you are charging for a course on the training portal,we will charge you a percentage of the fees.

Whats is FarmKonnect about?

FarmKonnect Nigeria is an agribusiness company with RC: 1440623. Our business is connecting stakeholders along agricultural value chain. And our vision is to become leading company in modern agribusiness by contributing effectively to production, processing and distribution of agricultural produce in Nigeria and Africa at Large

Whats is your mission or motives behind FarmKonnect?

Our mission is to contribute immensely to food security and successful agribusiness by providing innovative pace setting service to small and medium scale farmers.

Why are the details of your director not online?

Due to security situation in the Country, it is considered that putting personal details of people on the site may be dangerous. if you ernestly need the details of the directors, kindly contact the company or CAC for verification.

Why do you give preference to the members of the Armed Forces?

We believe that people who sacrifice their lives and times for the stability of this country deserve the honour of enjoying certain privilege. This is our way of reaching out to our heroes to tell them how much we appreciate their sacrifices.


FarmKonnect Agribusiness Nigeria Limited is an agribusiness company whose business is to connect stakeholders in the agricultural sector. The company seeks to enhance farming conditions.


3 Adebajo Street, New Bodija Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.
Phone: +(234) 905 9102 364
Fax: +(234) 909 3016 931

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