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FarmKonnect Agribusiness Nigeria Limited is an agribusiness company whose business is to connect stakeholders in the agricultural sector. The company seeks to enhance farming conditions and outputs of farmers by providing innovative services with a view to facilitating better operational conditions, equipment as well as an effective distribution of the farm produce, thereby improving food security.

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With our well organized Listing Directory, you can make it easier for your potential customers and clients to locate you, simply put up your details on our directory and Voila!.

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We have created several investment options from which you can choose. You may want to exploit our Civilian Packages, Military Packages or our Agricultural Real Estate investments.

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You can create your own business around our business, organize trainings, seminars and workshops with our full support and make profits for yourself.

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Record Keeping is essential to success in agriculture, with our web based Farm Management Software, you can manage your farm efficiently and increase your profit. You can easily generate activity report and get prompted about necessary actions. IT IS FREE to use.

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Sell directly to your customers on our platform. You can maximize your profit by listing your produce on our Market Place. This will expose your produce and products to interested persons.

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Igbeja Snail Village

Harnessing the potentials of Agriculture and Real Estate

The Snail Village is our current flag project, we are working vigorously towards the establishment of 100,000 square meters snail breeding facility in Nigeria under the franchise of Touchstone Snails Technology Limited, Cyprus. This is a very profitable business and we welcome investors to exploit this concept of Agricultural Real Estate.

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Castor Farming

Abundance of Castor Igbeja Snail Village

Understanding that Nigeria spends Billions to import castor oil annually, will enlighten you to invest in this project. the potential of castor project is huge and it is high time you decided to be part of this great movement.

Castor Farming


Invest in Our Aquaculture Projects

Investing in profitable aquaculture project is a wise decision to take. We produce varieties of catfishes, including Pangasius Hypothalmus. We also produce other fishes such as Tilapia, Heterotis, and so on. with annual output  exceeding 1.8 Million Kilograms of fishes, we are pressing towards hitting the 15,000 Tons mark, and you can be part of the smart investors making this happen.

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Join FarmKonnect and benefit from the vast resources available! FarmKonnect is excellent for all categories of  farming stakeholders, be it Investors, Farmers, Input or processing companies as well as  consultants, cooperatives,, Agriculture enthusiasts, students and trainers etc. we have got something for you.

  • Over 100 Years Cumulative Experience.
  • Up to 50.4 % Return on Investment.
  • Flexible Investments Plans.
  • Easy to Monitor.
  • Considerate Exit Plan.
  • 24-hour Withdrawal Process.
  • International Franchise.
  • Modern Farming Techniques.
  • Own your own Facility on an Agricultural Real Estate.
  • Make up to 40% ROI Annually.



FarmKonnect Agribusiness Nigeria Limited is an agribusiness company whose business is to connect stakeholders in the agricultural sector. The company seeks to enhance farming conditions.


3 Adebajo Street, New Bodija Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.
Phone: +(234) 905 9102 364
Fax: +(234) 909 3016 931

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