Ocimum gratissimum is an amazing herb known for its great and countless health benefits. My Mom once told me that, the herb can cure over hundred (100) different diseases. She has planted it all over our backyard and trusts me, it has helped a lot.


Ocimum gratissimum is often referred to as African basil, clove basil or wild basil. Its local names include Kunozoru; Kotokoli; Nunum, Akan; Daidoya, Hausa; Efinrin, Yoruba; Ebe-amwonkho, Edo; Tchayo, Fon; Nchuanwu, Igbo; Bring, Efik; Kunudiri, Okrika; Nunu Bush, Jamaica; Yerba di holé, Papiamento; Fobazen, Haiti; Mujaaja, Uganda; Maduruthala, Sri Lanka; and scent leaves, Africa.

According to sources, the Jamaican name for ocimum gratissimum – Nunu Bush – was apparently derived from the Akan name – Nunum.

Nunu is very common in West Africa.


1.Ocimum gratissimum is very effective when it comes to stopping bleeding.

If you accidentally cut yourself during cooking or any other activity, the scent leaves can help stop the bleeding real fast.

  1. For getting rid of any sort of stomach pain or ache.

When it comes to the best remedies in the world that can help relieve or eliminate any kind of stomach pain and aches, you cannot take ocimum gratissimum out of it. It is very efficient in terms of stomach problem eradication.

  1. Good for a woman’s reproductive health.

Ocimum gratissimum contain certain vibrant and effective compounds that are known to be very good in improving the health status of women reproductive organs. So if you are trying to conceive, then, you might want to include it in your daily diet.

  1. Contains significant amount of calcium.

If you are someone who needs more calcium in your system, you should try to include the scent leaves in your diet each and every day because the leaves are very rich in calcium.

  1. Improves heart health.

Ocimum gratissimum is very good for the human heart so adding it to your daily diet would be very helpful.

  1. Good for sending mosquitoes and flies far away.

Mosquitoes and flies hate the scent of ocimum gratissimum. Anytime they smell its scent, they fly very far away. Keeping the scent leaves in your house or room can help drive mosquitoes and flies away.

  1. Very good for curing malaria.

Certain nutrients, antipyretic substances and compounds in scent leaves make it truly efficient and very good for curing malaria.


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