ICT in Agriculture

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can help farmers increase and maximize their profit potential a lot. ICT can help farmers in diverse ways as follows:

Precision Farming

With the use of various aviation and photographic technology, we offer diverse services in precision farming. From nutrient management to disease and pest control plants monitoring and alert system. Precision farming makes farming more efficient and profitable. You can contact us to know how we can be of service to you on your commercial scale farm.

precision farming
Records Management

Records Management

Without efficient record management system, the farm is bound to fail, at FarmKonnect; we, therefore, work hard in partnership with the relevant organization to provide our clients with powerful farm management solutions that can help them have good control of their farming activities.

Farm Security

Security is an important aspect of Agriculture, in partnership with Saintsentinels Security Services, we can now provide you with farm security solutions that will help you rest assured that you and your crops are safe. You can receive early warnings and alerts of a security breach.

Farm security

Access to Support

Nobody is an island; every farmer needs guidance and expert view on diverse issues that may occur in his farm. We have created solutions that can help the farmer get access to support from other experienced farmers and consultants.

Access to Information

With diverse solutions, we are able to connect you to the information you need to profit in your business. The internet is full of diverse rich content, and some may not be trustworthy, or easily accessible, we, therefore, go out of our ways to provide you with the information that will make you have better control of your business.

Access to Finance

With one of our biggest partner, the National Cooperative for Commercial and Industrial Agriculture (NACCIA), we position farmers to have access to finance either through loans and possibly, grants. We have developed a robust cooperative solution that can help manage unlimited number of cooperatives and farmers, such that it becomes easy to finance their project.

Access to Market

There is no business if all that is farmed cannot be sold. We also apply technology in connecting the farmer to the Market. This can allow the farmer to have direct access to those that need his produce, therefore reducing the middlemen as much as possible.