Benefits of Organically Grown Food Items and Agricultural Produce

Better Nutrition:As compared to a longer time conventionally grown food, organic food is much richer in nutrients. Nutritional value of a food item is determined by its mineral and vitamin content. Organic farming enhances the nutrients of the soil which...

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Organic Farming: Features and Principles

Key Features of Organic Farming Protecting soil quality using organic material and encouraging biological activity Indirect provision of crop nutrients using soil microorganisms Nitrogen fixation in soils using legumes Weed and pest control based on methods like crop rotation,...

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Differences between Organic and Conventional Farming Methods

In conventional farming method, before seeds are sown, the farmer will have to treat or fumigate his farm using harsh chemicals to exterminate any naturally existing fungicides. He will fertilize the soil using petroleum based fertilizers. On the flip...

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Integrated farming system

Integrated farming  (also known as  mixed  farming) is a farming system with simultaneous activities involving crop and animal. The  main  purpose  of integrated farming is so that the farming components support one another; hence, reducing external inputs.  For...

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