Have you ever thought of poultry feed production as an agriculture business idea? You see, most people are eager to start poultry farming business but only a few stop to consider the most important aspect of poultry farming – feeds – and they are the ones who rake in the most profits. We will unravel poultry feed production business in this article.

The greatest cost component of poultry production business is the feed. So, it makes business sense to look into the possibility of making your own feed, if you are a farmer or specializing in making healthy, good quality poultry feed if you are interested in joining the poultry management value chain.

Poultry, as a general term, classifies all domestic birds which are reared for their meat or egg. So when I say poultry feed, I don’t mean only chicken. You can make feeds for other birds such as turkey, duck, geese, etc.

Setting up a poultry feed mill in Nigeria is not so capital-intensive, and with the right knowledge, determination coupled with a winning marketing strategy, you cannot go wrong.


Medical experts warn of the dangers of excessive red meat consumption. As a result, most folks switch to poultry consumption for health reasons. The more people eat chicken, for example, the more the demand for chicken increases, and the more poultry feed is required to grow more chicken. If poultry is good business, poultry feed production is very good business.

Other benefits of the business include:

  • An ever-present, ever-growing market.
  • Raw materials can be sourced locally and cheaply too.
  • The business is highly flexible; you can chose to start small-scale, medium scale, or large-scale production. Plus, you don’t need to own a poultry farm to start poultry feed business.
  • If you do own a poultry farm, having your own feed production mill saves you a lot in cost and makes you good profits too when you sell to other farms.
  • Equipment and machinery can be fabricated locally.


Chick/starter mesh: – this category of feed is solely for newly hatched chicks. The feed formulation for layer chicks is different from that for broilers. When producing chick or starter mesh, take note to include the right feed formulation that would enhance faster growth of the young chicks.

Broiler mesh: – this category of feed is mainly for broiler chicken (which are kept for their meat), the feed contains body building nutrient such as protein, minerals and vitamins to enhance growth in size and weight of the chicken.

Layer mesh: – this is a special category of feed produced for layer chicken. The feed content helps the birds with vital nutrient necessary for producing more eggs which are bigger in size. The feed also helps in hardening the shell of eggs.

Grower mesh: – the purpose of this feed is to ensure the rapid growth and development of the poultry chicken. Grower mesh is usually administered after the chick/starter mesh (when the birds grow to a certain level).

The breeds of chicken common in most poultry farms are: broilers and layer. Broilers are reared for their meat while layers are rear for the purpose of laying eggs. You need to produce different feeds that would be meet the needs of these common breeds at different levels of their growth.


After you must have learnt the ideal formulation for milling different poultry feed, you can now set out to buy the raw materials for the production of the feed. Poultry feed is commonly composed of readily available grains. They include: soy, whole maize, fish-meal, rice bran, sunflower cake, etc. other important raw materials are micro nutrients and vitamins such as calcium carbonate, amino acid, enzymes, etc.


There are various equipment that are used to produce poultry feed. Some of the most basic ones you would need include:

  1. A disintegrator or milling machine: – this will reduce all the various grains into the right mesh size.
  2. A blender or mixer: – this would ensure a uniform mixture of the required micronutrients and vitamins with the meshed grains.
  3. Packaging line: – this machine is used to package the finished product into bags.

Other machinery and equipment include sewing machine, industrial weighing balance, trucks for transporting raw materials and finished products, and power generators.


The way you package your finished product will determine if buyers would be attracted to your feed or not. Most new products in the competitive market attract buyers through their creative style of packaging and branding. Poultry feed is usually packaged in 50kg bags. Ensure to give details of your product name, ingredients, and expiry date on the label of your product.


There are many ways to market your product to the public. Advertisement has its uses, but trust me, the quality of you poultry feed is the ultimate marketing strategy. When people buy your poultry feed and discover that it greatly increase the growth and productivity of their poultry farm, they would definitely come back for more. More so, they would tell others about your product.


Getting a perfect location for your poultry feed mill is very important to ensure success in the business. The mill should be located in an area with lots of poultry farms. Furthermore your feed mill should be large enough to house all the machinery and equipment and also have a storage area for the finished products and raw materials.


Poultry feed production is not a trial and error kind of business. There are specifics that need to be followed and rules that need to be adhered to. For instance, you can’t just start mixing grains together to produce poultry feed! Specific mixing formulations need to be followed; micro-nutrients need to be added in the right proportion.

Getting the necessary training will help you understand the feed requirement for poultry chicken of different breeds and at different stages, and age. You could enroll in a training center that educates prospective poultry feed producers on the right feed formulation and composition for different poultry animals at different stages. Alternatively you could learn from seasoned poultry feed producers who is well experienced in the filled.

Just like any other production business you need a laid-down plan. Writing a business plan for your poultry feed production business is critical to determine the long-term feasibility of your business. A business plan will contain the details of all the feasibility study and research that you have done to determine the profitability of the business.



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