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At FarmKonnect, we strive to make you earn from agriculture while you keep your day job. We create various flexible and highly rewarding investment packages in agriculture for interested persons to earn big profits from their agricultural projects. Please click here to see our various generous packages.

We offer direct consultancy services in the following fields: Aquaculture, Pig Farming, Castor Farming, Mushroom Farming, Honey Production, Snail Farming, Ostrich Farming, Vegetable Farming, Research and Development. We  also connect you to experts and top performers in your sector of agriculture.

We buy and off take agricultural produce and redistribute these to the local or international markets. We can also connect you to individuals and companies that may require your produce, products and services. Simply create a profile and start selling your produce with ease.

We organize series of Leadership, Entrepreneurial workshops and seminars. our seminars and conferences are targeted towards enlightening Nigerians on the potentials of agriculture. Learn more about our seminars.

We conduct training in different aspects of agriculture directly or in partnership with other organisations with the view to helping youths and women tap into the potentials of agriculture. We take it a step further by mentoring our trained persons on how they will succeed in their agricultural endeavours.

We are authorized distributor of farm equipment and supplies for some of our international partners from Asia, Europe and America. At FarmKonnect, we endeavour to ensure that farmers have access to goods and services that enhances agricultural productivity. Some of our partners include but not limited to TTAviationYongghao Farms, Guanteng Machinery, Pangoo Group and so on. We can make your acquisition of these product easier as we bring you closer to the manufacturers and producers. Please visit our Partners Page to lean more about our partners or visit our market place to see more of our products.

ICT In Agriculture

We believe that ICT is very essential to profitability in modern agriculture, therefore we provide IT services that enhances your agricultural activities. some of our services include precision farming, Drones Services, Web Based Farm Management, farms’ and consultants’ directory,  online agriculture market place, agricultural training portal and so on. Some of our services are free for you to exploit.

Media Services

At FarmKonnect, we make more people know about your products and services as we put your products and services right in front of people who need them, we also assist you to share your farming story so you can inspire upcoming farmers even while you shooting up your sales and publicity.

Business Plans Development

Make your business eligible for grants and funding by writing bankable proposals and plans, at FarmKonnect, we assist small agribusinesses and startup develop business plans, business cases, proposals and so on.

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FarmKonnect Consultancy!

We Offer Consultancy Services in Areas of Agriculture, with special discounts to the members of the Nigerian Armed Forces and other security agencies.



 Let us assist you to maximize your profits by connecting you to experts and high performers in your sector of Agriculture.  you do not have to suffer what other suffered before you break even in your agricultural business, leverage on the knowledge, experiences and network of those already grounded in the industry.


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Our Consultancy Offers: Data Support, Technical Support, Back Office Support, Monitoring and security.
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Distribution and Sales Network

We can off take your produce and products for local and international market and you can utilize our directory and market place solutions to easily reach out to your prospective clients and customers.



Make it easier for those that need your products and services to locate you by simply listing yourself on our directory. Make use of our free directory services to increase your reach.


FarmKonnect Marketplace

With our free agricultural listing site, you can list your farm produce and services using our free app or market place. We are passionate about making you successful in agriculture and this is why we offer you services that make you get more values from your farming activiities.

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Record Keeping is an essential aspect of farming, Utilize our free web based farm management software.


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Join our generous affiliate program! get referral bonuses and commissions as you introduce clients to FarmKonnect service. As your clients invest you get great bonuses up to the second generation new clients. That way you watch your wallet grow as your referrals grow as well.
This is a win win situation. 


FarmKonnect Agribusiness Nigeria Limited is an agribusiness company whose business is to connect stakeholders in the agricultural sector. The company seeks to enhance farming conditions.


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